Lenzing launches TENCEL™ Luxe: the revolutionary lyocell filament heralds a new era of sustainable fabrics for the premium luxury market

Paris – 9 October 2017 – Lenzing will take the luxury apparel industry to new heights by launching the first sustainable cellulose filament technology for the premium fashion market. The new TENCEL™ Luxe branded filament yarn is made using Lenzing’s pioneering closed-loop lyocell production process. TENCEL™ Luxe was showcased last Friday at an exclusive event in Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and is another milestone in Lenzing’s ongoing commitment towards innovation and sustainability.

Consumer desire for eco-couture has never been stronger

With an ever-rising population and sustainability increasing in importance with consumers, the fashion industry is waking up to a growing call for sustainable fabrics. The luxury fashion market has more sophisticated needs with consumers who want materials with unparalleled qualities such as fluid-like drape, smoothness and color fastness.

Today, Lenzing addresses this strong need by launching TENCEL™ Luxe, a breakthrough sustainable cellulosic filament designed specifically for the luxury market with the most intricate details in mind. Designed for sensuality and engineered for sustainability, TENCEL™ Luxe redefines the landscape of luxury fashion.

TENCEL™ Luxe: feel the future of eco-couture fabrics

TENCEL™ Luxe filaments are the new player for sustainable high-end cellulose textiles. They offer superior aesthetics, performance and comfort level that allow it to be the perfect partner with other noble fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool. The smooth surface of the TENCEL™ Luxe filament gives fabrics a silky feel and liquid-like drape for the most sensual silhouettes. Moreover, TENCEL™ Luxe branded filaments are naturally breathable due to their wood based origin and offer outstanding color fastness, enabling designers to express bold color palettes where creativity knows no boundaries.

TENCEL™ Luxe: a new era in sustainable manufacturing

TENCEL™ Luxe eco-botanic lyocell filaments are made from wood pulp of various tree species including eucalyptus, spruce, pine and birch trees. The pulp is sourced from sustainable wood in line with Lenzing’s strict Wood and Pulp Policy. The revolutionary closed-loop lyocell production process, which received the “European Award for the Environment” from the European Union, ensures minimal environmental impact due to low process water and energy use, raw materials and chemicals consumption.

LENZING GROUP: committed to the sustainable fashion revolution

As part of Lenzing’s ongoing passionate efforts towards a more sustainable industry, TENCEL™ Luxe signals a new era of supplying the fashion industry with materials that both do good and look good. TENCEL™ Luxe branded lyocell filaments inherit the eco-friendly properties of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, which are successful and sustainable fibers in the textile industry to offer natural comfort to the consumer. Lenzing’s innovative strength has set global standards for wood-based cellulose fibers, from sustainable sourcing of wood pulp, through to deep partnership with the entire supply chain for systemic change. Its closed-loop lyocell production process has been internationally recognized for its environmentally responsible approach.

“We are committed to setting industry firsts in order to enhance the protection of our environment while making filaments for fabrics that are designed to appeal to the most sophisticated consumers,” explains Stefan Doboczky, CEO of Lenzing Group. “Today, the launch of TENCEL™ Luxe is a further sign of our ongoing commitment towards innovation and sustainability. Focused on a sustainable approach to comfort with superb color fastness and silky-smoothness, TENCEL™ Luxe filaments are destined to become the premium fabric of choice for luxury garments.”

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